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[February, 18th 2018 at 9:58p]


Premise Available Rules Cast

The year is 2018 and the wizarding world is getting ready to celebrate ten years since the fall of Voldemort. Despite a decade of peace, the world is not an idyll. There has always been crime, and Knockturn Alley is as full of suspicious characters as it ever was. Many of those directly involved with the Dark Lord have been arrested, but opportunists with less tarnished pasts have come up to take their places.

The shopkeepers of Knockturn Alley deal in all that is frowned upon by the law-abiding citizens of the wizarding world. Pawnbrokers make deals with housebreakers and art forgers; potion brewers seek out smugglers as well as customers; gamblers and grifters swap stories.

Even those that seem above reproach have been known to walk down Knockturn Alley. Cursebreakers and obliviators who use their jobs as cover for turning a personal profit; Ministry employees who can be convinced to look the other way; adventurers who want something a little out of the ordinary.

This community of disparate criminals is a close one, with easy links between characters. If you've got a taste for the illicit and relish the challenge of staying one jump ahead of the law, simply follow the signs to Knockturn Alley.

Knockturn Mods

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[February, 18th 2018 at 2:53p]


To the celeb rpers out there: how do you keep yourself inspired? How do you allow yourself to create an authentic portrayal? Is authenticity absolutely a necessity? Tell me your thoughts, please.
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[February, 18th 2018 at 12:50a]


Just as you approach the darkest point in your life, you mysteriously receive a one way ticket with the promise of a better life. However, once you've redeemed your ticket, there is no turning back. Some find comfort in their new home, while others are desperate to leave. A revolution is in the works, what side will you take?

one way ticket


Looking for more TVD/TO and others for [info]riftworldmod [February, 17th 2018 at 9:19p]


Just held and started doing apps for Rift World

I would love love love some Mikaelson siblings, especially Bex!
Hook Siblings: Harry and Harriet
Freddie Facilier
Lost girl peeps.
Supernatural: Lisa Braeden, also would like to see more of the SPN kids grown up! Claire, ALex, Krissy.

[February, 17th 2018 at 9:15p]


"i'm not really interested in that" is not an invitation for eight paragraphs of here let me explain to you why this is really interesting. your ship might be meant to be, it might be canon, it might be the most beautiful metaphor ever to exist, it might be secretly coded into the fucking vitruvian man for all i know - i never said it wasn't. i just said i wasn't interested in writing it. when someone tells you they're not feeling something, that is ... not an invitation to try to convince them that they should be. stahp.
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[February, 17th 2018 at 5:26p]


As a person, I love you both. You're great people. I'd be friends with you all day.

As RPers? Fucking CHRIST, can you please do more than just network posts? I want to actually thread with you and not have it dropped after one or two tags. I want to actually do the plots we talked about. I want my characters to progress and have stories. PLEASE God be more active. You're not busy. I know you're not having IRL problems. You tell us everything. You just... don't thread. Are you writing with each other because that's progressing just fine? But if that's so, my god, just do a PSL and open up those extremely popular characters to someone who might do more with other people.
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[February, 17th 2018 at 11:52a]


There is nothing - I repeat nothing - wrong with a typical relationship-type slash or femme line. Believe it or not, us queers don't always fit in the two categories you like to place us in: flamboyant or omg completely unaware. A normal line would be so nice, maybe boy meets boy, boy woos boy, and shocker, there is no pink glitter falling from the air OR any deep rooted fearful confessions of doubt because they've never done this before. Come on, you do the normal thing with het lines ALL the time, you can show our slash lines the same, right?

On a similar, yet still different note, omg I'm worth more than just the smut I write. A friend line, a family line, hell an enemy line would be nice sometimes too. Despite the song, it is not all about the nookie.
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Self Vent [February, 17th 2018 at 12:04a]


Stop. Being. Lazy.
Do. Your. Coding.
Yes you had the flu, but you're better now.
Stop coming up with AU lines and do your frakking coding.
You still have to make journals for faces you promised to bring into the game, everyone has been patient waiting for you to not being dying.
Do you work!!

I needed to yell at myself.
Anyone else ever get like that when it comes to games?
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[February, 16th 2018 at 7:36p]


The gut-wrenching horror when you realise that there's someone you truly dislike for their characterizations and ooc behaviour that it makes you uncomfortable being in games with them in the one game/sandbox that you're truly enjoying and that due to the lack of activity requirements you had no idea for months.
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[February, 15th 2018 at 12:05p]


I'm looking for anyone (doesn't have to be on the list) in The Dresden Files for two games I'm in.

Harry Dresden, anyone from the Carpenter family, Carlos Ramirez (for emotional reasons), Thomas Raith, and Kincad (For Ivy protection.)


[February, 15th 2018 at 7:32a]


It's a community.... How about giving your characters more purpose than the relationships they are in? Try it. No seriously. It's nice to have their posts be more than three lines of the most irritating fluff I've ever seen.
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[February, 15th 2018 at 12:12a]


[info]campfortitude a newish panfandom game with a post apocalyptic twist! come check us out! lot of fandoms that need filling.
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[February, 14th 2018 at 5:17p]


Welcome to the Rift
a panfandom rpg
The world is not as stable as you think. Ley lines, lines of magic energy, criss-cross the earth. Sometimes, where they intersect, form pockets, the walls between worlds get weaker. They put out siren calls that are nearly impossible to ignore. They open doors. Doors to other worlds. Other times. Other dimensions.

You have fallen through one of those doors.



[February, 14th 2018 at 9:56a]


Having my female character flirt with a woman while not knowing whether they're queer and not coding as queer themselves is just reminding me of the internal dialogue that used to run through my mind when I was attempting to flirt with women, the whole aaaaah does she just think I'm being friendly, I just made a romantic gesture but what if she thinks it's in, like, a ~besties~ way ugh thing. Awkward.

Unrelated, but, for so, so many reasons, you are on really thin ice right now.
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[February, 14th 2018 at 5:15a]
looking for someone that would play another guy, gal or in-between against someone like dave navarro, benji or joel madden, adrian young, gavin rossdale, slash, or tommy lee
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[February, 13th 2018 at 11:02p]


Looking for Hilary Duff. Wire or Trillian.

[February, 13th 2018 at 10:38p]


Phantoms takes place in Los Angeles, California. The glitz, the glamour, and the dark things that go "bump" in the night. These creatures have always lived beside us, in secret, in the shadows, until recently when vampires began to push for more publicity. They came "out of the coffin," so to speak, and since then the struggle for survival has been on the rise as other supernatural beings have begun coming out to the world. Meanwhile, the rest of the world is left to grapple with their existence.

The year began with a worldwide march against vampires and werewolves. There was another march, later in the day and night, which was in favor of vampires and werewolves. The two groups met and a brawl followed. Te death toll rose to 10, 5 humans, 3 vampires, and 2 werewolves. A state of emergency was declared and vampires and werewolves had all of their would-be rights revoked. They are named unofficial public enemies and the supernatural war begins.

Supernatural species, who were once in silent war with one another, must now work together in order to stop whoever is framing the vampires and werewolves of Los Angeles.

[February, 13th 2018 at 5:20p]


So very tired of trusting people...

is it so hard to actually reach out and say 'hey thought I could do it but changed my mind?' instead of deleting and ignoring?

don't worry i got the hint carry on.

lesson learned.

[February, 13th 2018 at 12:54p]


You said you loved the way I wrote this fandom character. You said you'd contact me if you found something good for us. You said you'd keep emailing me just as a friend. Now I see you in all these places I want to take my girl and I don't feel right applying, like I'd be encroaching on your territory. I know I'm severely socially stunted, probably paranoid, but at the same time... Man. I thought we had a fun thing going.
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[February, 13th 2018 at 12:43p]



Remember the fun & simple days of RP? They're back! Check the wanted list and come be a part of [personal profile] ziggystardst, an active, fun, inclusive, and tight-knit celeb community, reminiscent of the way things used to be in RP with no elitist bullshit. You won't regret choosing us.

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